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These helpful tips will making your storage experience more pleasant.

Maximize your storage space by stacking items vertically. Be sure to put your heaviest items on bottom and lightest on top.

Break down items like bed frames, tables and other items which can be easily disassembled

or have legs removed to minimize the space they take in your storage unit.

Protect your furniture, such as mattresses and sofas, with covers that are specially made to protect them while in storage.

Keep items you will frequently need in the front of your storage unit where you can get to them quickly and easily.

Make a map while you are moving into your storage unit. Write down where things are just in case you need to find something later.

Drain gasoline and oil out of lawnmowers and other equipment. This is for your safety and also prevents unwanted odors in your unit.

Label every box in your storage unit to make finding what you need easier. You may also want to make an inventory list of what is in each box.

Also, don't overload your boxes. It is easier to pack two smaller boxes than to lift one heavy one.

Make sure all of your glassware, dishes and breakables are securely packed and bubble wrapped to prevent accidental damage.